Company Overview

Company Overview

Maintenance, cleaning and repair of buildings, contracting and maintenance of roads, transport of goods and paid labor on land roads in the Kingdom, in accordance with a letter from the Roads and Transport Administration in Qassim No. 675/15 dated 02/07/1436 H, road and asphalt works, lighting and earthworks Dams, electrical works and water and sanitation works.

The company activities has the following:

  • A fleet of trucks and their multi-purpose trailers from Hoppers, Tanks, flatbed trucks, and Bulker cement and dump trucks, Rollers, bulldozers and chillers.
  • Fleet of public taxis.
  • Maintenance workshops for the fleet equipped with the latest machines and tools.
  • Selling points for spare parts meet the needs of the company and customers at the best prices.

Our Mission:

Provide the best solutions to meet the needs of trade and transport to our customers by taking into account delivery in time and location specified accurately and safely and efficiently.

Our vision:

The management of the company has a keen vision to improve the efficiency of individuals and develop equipment for the latest science.

Our Time Management:

Providing transportation and sales services to our customers according to the highest levels of safety, accuracy and high quality.

Our Values:

We promote diversity of thinking and workplaces that are appropriate for our members, spread team spirit and collaborate to carry out our mission smoothly, seriously and with commitment.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Providing outstanding service to customers and continuing to satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Horizontal and vertical expansion.
  • Continuous development of services and products through attention to research and development systems.
  • Optimal exploitation of available physical and human resources and resources.
  • Develop the skills of various employees of the company.
  • Work to maximize and increase shareholders' equity and continuously strive to develop their returns.